Agit-Pop: progressive, satirical, original videos, and art, you can wear.


A nascent apparel brand whose designs are tailored from the imagery and ideas posted on Agit-Pop's social footprint; transmitted to real life on the bodies of those who want to stand for something with style and wit.


From a standing start 2 years ago  @agitpopworld , Agit-Pop's Twitter handle, has earned 155M impressions, 12M video views, and 82K followers.


A few notable likes, retweets and replies: Judd Apatow, Natasha Lyonne, Adam McKay, Patricia Arquette, Duncan Jones, Kara Swisher, Jon Lovett... oh and Cher.


Bradley Young is the CEO and editor of Agit-Pop. Before Agit-Pop he worked in the digital world, producing, etc. A highlight was writing and directing a branded content short film starring

Katie Holmes which accrued 350M media impressions.

Young is an alum of GQ, Interview and Instyle.


Here are samples of Bradley's film and print work, which includes his collaborations with Brad Pitt, Beyonce, and Scarlett Johannson.