I make lefty, (mostly) satirical art inspired by the work of Ed Ruscha and Richard Prince. 


Using constructed pieces and readymades - stock and found video and photos - I add text, context, tension, and a sly smile. Often making the ordinary abstract and the everyday unordinary. In some of the works, I manipulate the imagery and mix media. Others are text only -- words with moves.


My work is pop. It's conceptual. It's Agit-Pop.


Hot drips from the infinite Niagra that is the internet keeps my neurons humming and hooking up.


Agit-Pop's Twitter handle has earned 180M impressions, 14M video views, and 80K followers in under three years. A few notable likes, retweets, and replies: Judd Apatow, Patricia Arquette, Paul Feig, Adam McKay, Kara Swisher... oh and Cher.


I'm a short filmmaker; one starred Katie Holmes and an alum of GQ and Interview.

Here are samples of my film and print work - Bradley Young